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Natural granite and quartz worktops are especially is resilient options for a kitchen. Granite – a rock formed from cooled magma – and has its own particular natural hue that is affected by the content of pale minerals it contains. Granite may have pink, red, brown, grey, black, hues and can sometimes contain white or blue veins in its surface.


Granite is tough, fantastically heat resistant difficult to damage (though not entirely indestructible) and allows for hot pans to be placed directly on the surface for your ease.

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Quartz & Granite Worktop

They are cut and hewn to your requirements on site and make a durable and elegant addition to any kitchen.

Quartz is one of the hardest natural minerals on earth, and our composite quartz worktops are an excellent, highly durable alternative to natural materials. Both non-porous and virtually indestructible, quartz worktops are available in a wide range of finishes and colours that are not so readily available in the granite surfaces.

Quartz offers a range of natural colours such as whites, blacks and browns as well as other more vibrant colours such as golds or blues and can bring distinct character to your kitchen while offering durable functionality. Because of its durable material, quartz does not lend well to repairs or renovations, although rarely requires it.

Popular granite and quartz worktops styles include black, caramel, chocolate, crystal, expresso, ice, mocha, mountain and pebble.

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We have recently fit a Midnight Quartz worktop for one of our customers. As with most of our kitchen worktops fittings (see below), you can see the end result of our Midnight Quartz kitchen worktop installation in our video here.

If you would like this type of kitchen worktop fitted or would like to enquire about another one, please contact us by clicking on the button below.

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